About Gary Boyle

Gary Boyle was born in 1961 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. The summers of his early years were spent in Saskatoon, at the family farm near Dodsland, or camping in northern Saskatchewan. Because of this diverse background, Gary developed a love of all aspects of life, from the busy city streets to the incredible solitude of the north. The images that Gary has chosen to portray consist mainly of wildlife and rural Western Canadian farm life, two subjects that are very important to him.

Gary, his wife Linda, and their three children currently live in Saskatoon.

About Handpulled Prints

Recently Gary has chosen to create Original Handpulled Prints. The term Handpulled is one that Printmakers have started to use to distinguish their work as "original." Most of what are sold as Prints nowadays are actually Reproductions. Unfortunately there are no rules in Canada to force dealers to call them reproductions. As a result, everyone thinks that a print is simply a copy of an existing original.

Gary loves the technical challenges printmaking offers him. Having to work in black and white but being able to emboss his work and print in any color has pushed his work in new directions.